Renewed Purpose

A New Beginning, Inc. is a jail-to-job training program based in Campbell County, Tennessee where a skilled workforce is lacking due to rampant drug abuse and insufficient training. The program offers previously incarcerated men who desire to change the direction of their lives trade-skills training and a job at a local business such as BMT Manufacturing with the goal of securing a long-term career.

A New Beginning is not rehab; it is a work and training program that reminds people of their value and provides the tools needed to leverage their knowledge and talents for the betterment of themselves, their families, and the community. Working and participating in program activities helps people find renewed purpose for their lives, and feeling purpose gives people hope. That hope will give them strength to change the direction of their lives.



How We Do It



A New Beginning is operated by a Director Dave Bosch and Assistant Director Stacy Bosch. They are responsible for participant intake, drug testing, program rules, discipline, data management and records, and daily operations. Dave and Stacy communicate and coordinate activities with participants, mentors, volunteers, and staff.

After completing intake, participants are assigned a position at BMT Manufacturing where they are required to be on time and work five days a week, following the same work rules as all other employees. The participants are paid above minimum wage to manufacture various types of pull-behind motorcycle trailers and industrial trailers. While on the job, participants learn manufacturing processes, safety procedures, responsibility, and accountability and receive trade-skill training in welding, painting, or woodworking. The training purpose is for participants to become skilled in a trade that will help them secure gainful employment after completing A New Beginning program.

To provide the best chance at recovery for all participants, A New Beginning has a strict drug-free policy. Participants are required to pass a drug test before being accepted into the program and will be randomly drug tested throughout the duration of the program. Drug testing occurs no less than once per week and up to three times per week. Participants who fail a drug test are dismissed from the program. Those who are dismissed can restart the program after six months if they pass the initial drug test before intake.

Successfully redirecting their lives requires participants to have insights about their lives, set goals, and develop better problem-solving and coping skills. As needed, A New Beginning pairs participants with addiction counselors and family/marriage counselors, empowering participants to handle life circumstances and make decisions for personal growth. To support recovery from addiction, participants are required to attend one Celebrate Recovery or one NA/AA meeting per week.

A New Beginning recognizes that life change requires a network of support and wise counsel. Therefore, each participant is matched with a mentor and encouraged to meet with them once a week. Mentors are trusted individuals who provide compassionate guidance and model the Ten Driving Values.

The Process

Participant Intake

The goal is for A New Beginning participants to complete intake the day after they are released. Potential participants are informed that they are required to pass a drug test before starting the program and will be drug tested at least once a week. They must also agree to attend a Celebrate Recovery or NA/AA meeting once a week and meet with a mentor. If potential participants are agreeable to requirements and pass a drug test, they will complete intake paperwork with the Program Director.

Phase I

Immediately upon release from jail, Duration: 2 weeks- Purpose: The purpose of Phase I is to integrate the participant back into everyday life, assuring they have their basic needs met and allowing them to begin earning wages to be distributed at the beginning of Phase II. Participants meet with program directors to be drug tested and complete intake procedures; begin work the following day if they meet program requirements; have basic needs met; are paired with case manager, mentor, and others as needed.

Phase II

Duration: 2–3 months- Purpose: The purpose of Phase II is for the participant to learn financial responsibility and to advance their education with on-the-job training in a specific skill, goal setting, and earning a GED. Participants receive the wages they earned, receive one-on-one financial counseling to make the best use of the wages, continue working (focus becomes more skill-oriented), work with case manager to set goals for the next 6 months, receive their GED.

Phase III

Duration: 2–3 months- Purpose: Phase III encourages the participant to recognize his responsibilities as an employee and citizen by developing a favorable work history and plan for further education or seeking a career. Participants take more responsibility for their lives, continue their specialized training program, begin exploring careers and/or further education, develop a desirable work history for future employers, explore career opportunities, and create a resume.

Phase IV

Duration: 2–3 months- Purpose: In Phase IV, the participant will complete program activities and take steps toward securing a career that will sustain a healthy lifestyle. Participants should exhibit accountability, integrity, and wise stewardship. Participants finish the required training and classes and meet all goals set during Phase II, send out resumes and attend interviews, will be set up on a financial plan to help stay on course for becoming debt free.

Job Placement

Participants who successfully complete all four program phases, passing drug screens and completing checklist items, graduate from the program. In the final program phase, participants send out resumes with the goal of securing long-term, gainful employment that supports a healthy lifestyle. For participants who fully cooperate and engage in the program for six to nine months, A New Beginning makes a commitment to ensure that upon leaving, they are able to go directly into a better position with better pay and benefits. Currently program graduates are offered full-time positions at BMT Manufacturing. Once positions at BMT are filled, A New Beginning will help program graduates acquire positions at other local businesses.

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